The First Liquidity Layer for Bitcoin Eco Assets.

Our Product:Seamless Liquidity Experience Across The BTC Ecosystem.

  • Mint & Trade - Users can mint and trade BTC eco-assets freely by handy tools and earn incentives.

  • Staking - Maximize the benefits of BTC eco-assets and earn additional rewards by aggregating liquidities.

  • Lending - Allows users to utilize assets from across the Bitcoin eco-assets (including Ordinals, Runes, BRC-20, bitstamps, etc.) as collateral to obtain loans. Loans are issued in the form of synthetic bitcoin assets, issued by Runes Factory in conjunction with the Layer2 protocol. Enables users to utilize their assets and release liquidity without having to sell them.

  • Vault Management - Vault manager have the resposibility to manage and secure the vault, earn the management fee as a corresponding reward for managing risk


  • Building the first Liquidity Layer for Bitcoin Eco Assets. Unleashing the value of Runes & Inscriptions.


  • Lack of liquidity solutions for BTC ecosystem assets, especially for long-tail assets.

  • Most lending programs suffer from the classic barrel effect: the least secure collateral asset determines the security of the entire protocol, i.e., by manipulating the collateral price, over-lending other, more stable tokens, and causing the entire protocol to collapse.

  • Lack of effective incentives for mobility enhancement.


  • In addition to basic mint and trading functions, staking, lending and borrowing, as well as personalized liquidity management strategies will also be supported.

  • Extra gains for BTC eco-assets. Compatibility with all major BTC Layer2 networks.

  • Giving users more autonomy and benefits by providing a full suite of data dashboards and liquidity management tools.

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